Italian Films UK is a limited company created in order to promote Italian movies in the UK. Every year our company organises screening events for Italian Cinema in London. ITALIAN CINEMA LONDON festivals, retrospectives and special screenings have taken place at BAFTA, Riverside Studios, Genesis Cinema, Phoenix Cinema, the Estorick Collection and in private venues

Artistic Director

Clara became both Associate Director and Sponsorship Director of Italian Film Festival UK, primarily a Scottish-based festival, in 1997 when she brought it down to London.
During her time working for IFFUK, she pulled on board some of Italy most prestigious companies. Thanks to her Fiat, Eni, Alitalia, Peroni, Aprilia and others joined a pool of outstanding sponsors, non Italian too such as Caffe'Nero and Rivercafe'. Clara also worked on film industry projects in conjunction with Bafta and MEDIA UK. In 2010, together with Malaika Bova, Clara started Italian Cinema London, a new version of the festival showcasing Italian films in London. Their company is Italian Films UK ltd.

email: director@italiancinemalondon.com

Marketing Manager - Programmer

Marketing Manager for the Italian Film Festival UK since 2008, Malaika, together with Clara Caleo Green, founded Italian Cinema London, a new version of the festival exclusive to London in 2010. Malaika is company director of Italian Films UK ltd.
She is responsible for the festival contacts with Italian partners and for all marketing activity.

email: marketing@italiancinemalondon.com

Project Officer

Andrea joined the Italian Cinema London team in 2010. He is project officer and company director of Italian Films UK Ltd. He holds a PhD in Theory and History of Visual and Performance Arts and has been working in the field contemporary art for the past 10 years as a freelance curator and scholar.

email: projectoffice@italiancinemalondon.com

Programming Assistant - Film Consultant

Eddie joins Italian Cinema London in 2010 as Programmer and Film Consultant. Among his other activities, he is in charge of film research and programme management at the Venice International Film Critics' Week, independent section of the Venice Film Festival. He collaborates with several film-related media outlets and is active in various roles in the field of Asian cinema.

email: programmer@italiancinemalondon.com

Social media curator

Francesca joined  Italian Cinema London team in 2013. She is a freelance digital journalist and social media curator. She manages ICL's  social presence  on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and blog. She worked for ten years for press agencies, online newspapers, radio stations and TV channels in Sicily. For three years she covered  Taormina Film Festival. She was the finalist of the journalism award "Ilaria Alpi", Youth section, with the video reportage "Emanuele: la sua Facoltà".

email: communication@italiancinemalondon.com